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We bring life to foundation law

Questions surrounding the rights of the beneficiaries or founders of private foundations, liability-related issues for the executive bodies of foundations, the perfect formulation of the foundation’s purpose, or issues related to charitable aspects: the legal form of a foundation can create complex challenges for all parties involved.

Using their extensive practical experience and in-depth knowledge, our experts find answers to even the most complicated questions: from designing a deed of foundation that stands up to legal scrutiny, to a possible dissolution.

Using the foundation check developed by LeitnerLaw lawyers and LeitnerLeitner, we also perform a rapid and efficient audit of the legal and tax structure of foundations of all types, which allows us to develop

sustainable solutions. Together with LeitnerLeitner and other well-known international partners and university experts, we have been advising family foundations, company-operating foundations and non-profit foundations (Bundes-Stiftungs- und Fondsgesetz 2015) for many years.

Our services

  • Advice and support for the establishment of private foundations among living persons and due to death
  • Advice and support for the establishment of non-profit foundations
  • Review of declarations of foundation in the context of our foundation check
  • Revision of declarations of foundation
  • Amendment and adjustment of founding declarations
  • On-going support for all types of foundations
  • Advice for founders, beneficiaries and executive bodies of foundations (e.g. Board of Directors, Advisory Board, auditors…)
  • Advice for alternative options for private foundations (e.g. reorganization, dissolution…)
  • Establishment of sub-foundations
  • Preparation of meetings of executive bodies of foundations
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